Online Reputation

Protect your Online reputation and public relations

It is surprising to know that about 94% of customers say with a negative review convince them not to do business with a particular brand. Do not underestimate the power of online reputation management. It plays a crucial role in digital marketing. A negative review published online can degrade your performance. It can further lead to criticism and affect your brand. It is vital that you should deal with these comments in a timely manner to protect your online reputation from being spoilt.

Online reputation management companies carry out a process of monitoring, identifying, and influencing your online credibility and digital reputation. An effective strategy can prove out new opportunities and insight to increase brand awareness. For a business owner, you understand how gaining a reputation is essential for the growth of a business. The same applies to digital reputation.

A negative reputation would degrade the value of your business objectives. You need a backup team for the reputation management process that can help you throughout the process of social media and digital marketing campaigns.

We are one of the leading online reputation management companies serving small to large businesses and individuals. We understand the complexity of online public relations, brand management, and marketing solutions. We apprehend that your hard work can be unraveled by a few missteps, whether they are real or fake. We help clients of all sizes and industries to protect, maintain, and build a reputation through effective crisis plans.

You cannot control online review, but you can be prepared for managing them. The online review management system has evolved; you do not have to deal with positive reviews only, with a negative review, you have to be more attentive. We help you manage the client’s review proactively so you can focus on your business.

Brand Reputation Management

We follow strategic brand reputation management trends and tactics to device our strategy aimed at improving the reputation of a brand.

Corporate Reputation Management

This involves constantly monitoring the reputation. If the reputation is hurt by any negative impact, a response plan is devised to handle all the negative pull-backs gently.

Celebrity Reputation Management

Reputation management is a rollercoaster ride for celebrities – there you go up! And here you go down! All this happens in moments. We try to get this ride back to smoothness by consistently working to maintain a positive image.

Personal Reputation Management

The rapid growth of social media has opened the ‘Book’ of ‘Faces’ that are ‘LinkedIn’ forever even with a single ‘Tweet’ or comment that they make. We manage personal profiles to add credibility to an image.

Remove Negative Comment/Link/Content

Bad press may malign even your ever-shining image within minutes! We remove negative or defamatory comments and links through blogging, generating mentions on authoritative websites and by performing lot of off-page activities.

Remove Negative Yelp Reviews

Negative Yelp reviews may damage your reputation and business. We save you from all the mayhem through our technical expertise in getting such bad reviews removed within a stipulated time.

“Every day lost, is lost, you need to act fast”.
We have excelled in Search Engine Optimization and this has powered us with the expertise required to fix reputation online.
Our Process
Search Engine

We compel Google Crawler to take the new links as fresh content and more relevant to users, hence making Google understand this is the updated news about the business or brand.

Reordering of Results

Once this is repeated for a couple of months, Google reorders the results and any negative and old links get suppressed and new and updated links move up.

Defend your future

Once we are successful in removing the negative links from Google, we keep the good work up, to defend the results from any such future attack, also we keep a close watch on new contents.

Analyzing the Result

We work on the several search engines, a detailed scan would be done, and a repo scorecard will be prepared, we would set a target and Goal according to this reputation report card.

Content Calendar

We prepare a content calendar along with a list of high authority sites where we would post the articles as per the schedule in the calendar showing all positive things about you.

Result Optimization

We optimize the newly created link, pre-existing links, and your website, we update the titles and meta descriptions, we also put an impact on the Image results, this also plays a vital role.